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Chat American Arab chat for all Arabs Chat Cam and Mike and many of the features you can discover yourself Chat American owners have a lot of features, a fast and light flash chat you can talk freely with the choice of many Ismailia or speak voice or through the camera Chat with 24 hour supervisors for your convenience and help you with any problem you may encounter Absolute privacy, respect, fun and fun, quiet atmosphere, this is Mimiz Chat American from other chat sites

Tips before you enter chat American: You can access Chat American without registration, but we recommend that you always sign up to enjoy all the features in the Chat American like cam and mike and send pictures in your We recommend you always keep your personal data inside chat or other chat If you prefer to use mike we recommend you to use any browser other than Google Chrome If you have a problem please inform the room administrator and resolve it immediately

Chat American features: Cam and mike sending phtos YouTube Videos Shapes change Change Chat Background And many features you can discover by entering American hours

Rules of Chat American: Commitment to enter respectable names and avoid names with any implication  Do not repeat sentences and smiles more than three times a year to avoid harassing chat members  Respect everyone in chat and not ridicule or ridicule anyone  Not to go into subjects touching the heavenly religions  If you are banned from chatting, it is prohibited to review the supervisors exactly the year, and any feedback or inquiry as to why the package will be in your

Not to enter any name bearing any word of the majesty  Do not enter names that resemble chat monitors to prevent problems from occurring  Do not enter unsampled SMS or write phone numbers or email  It is forbidden to provoke and harass the members on the public and if this is done in your private you can ignore it  It is forbidden to advertise any site in the chat rooms on the public and prevents the writing of any link called non-times dot com to the public, but we allow popular links such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter only

It is forbidden to write in Arabic in the English language room  It is forbidden to write in light colors that may hurt the user’s eye when looking at them  If you are harassing someone on your own, do ignore this person immediately  It is forbidden to enter unsampled or unintelligible names with large or insignificant names, otherwise you will be expelled until the name is changed  In the case of any suggestion or problem regarding the chat contact management

It is forbidden to speak strictly in matters of policy in any form  In the event of any problems with chatting on the public is strictly forbidden to repeat sentences or smiles because you affect the work of the observer  Please do not ask the supervisor or add any quinets or gifts to achieve equal opportunities or by communicating with the management